A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017
A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017  

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Spooky isn't it!


Set off Friday night in the pouring rain. This is usual when visiting one of the shows organised by DCVCS.  Alan is known as the "Rainmaker"

and he certainly did today. You are however always sure of a warm welcome. I am always surprised how many do turn out on nights like that.


The rain kept up all night and Saturday wasn't a very pleasant day.


My friends and I ventured into town at lunchtime for a walk.(Ended up in the pub. As you do) Anyone visiting Stanhope I can highly recommend they call in at the Bonnie Moorhen. We all had a lovely lunch in pleasant surroundings. So much so that we went back for lunch on Sunday.


Back on the rally field a few more people had ventured out and the day turned out not to bad.


Saturday evening entertainment in the club house by "Robson Field". A favourite at these shows but now becoming very difficult to get hold of. A fantastic night. Good music and atmosphere.


Sunday dawned, not quite sunshine but certainly dry and pleasant. This brought a very good display of vehicles of all descriptions plus stalls. These rally's are always  supported by Sunderland car club.

This made for an impressive display of cars. Commercial vehicles where not far behind with  a couple I haven't seen out for quite a while.


The next rally organised by this club is at Ferryhill. I would recommend you give them a visit. It is local after all.


Bye for now. Will report on my next trip out. This will be to Redmire

over the Bank holiday.   



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