A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017
A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017  

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Masham 2015

Thank you once again for some fabulous pictures Mavis, are you the only member with a camera? if you also took pictures at this years events and would like to share them please email them to paul@tnvta.co.uk or take them to the next club night...

Masham Steam Rally's 50th Anniversary.


Attended this rally as I have for  many years(it's local and meant a lot to my dad)but each year I become more disheartened with it.

I appreciate events like this

are hard to organise and local authorities and health and safety make things very difficult but the volunteers on the gates are very "grumpy and impolite" Without exhibitors they wouldn't have a show and we don't all have "steam engines"


Saturday morning looks like going to be nice weather day. Stayed dry which is all we really want.


 New lay out on the field this year. This worked quite well. Though lots of wasted space.(huge compound for gardening implements which are all immobile and was roped off whilst motorbikes squashed into same space and public wandering in and out)Registering your attendance also took 30 minutes.


Anyway enough moans. Everything else about layout did improve things.

Sadly for organisers there didn't appear to be a large attendance by members of the public and stall holders were struggling to keep things in place due to the gusty winds.


Good turn out of steamers in market place on Saturday evening


Sunday morning all slow to want to get up as has rained most of the night. A significant number of exhibitors leaving on Sunday morning which always looks bad. Dry by the time show started though markedly cooler than yesterday. A lot less cars on display today due to it also being car show at Newby Hall which isn't far away.


Enjoyed rest of the day and system for getting out of field was best it has ever been.


The views in this write up are mine personally and unsupported by TNVTA

Mavis Bailey.

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