A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017
A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017  

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Spooky isn't it!

Redmire 2015

Arrived Friday evening in order to be ready for "crowds" on Saturday.

Very few members had contacted us so not sure what "turn out to expect"


Saturday morning brought bright sunshine and some of us ventured off to "car boot sale" at Bedale. Whatever takes your fancy I guess! Huge crowds in Bedale however station quiete. This gave us plenty of opportunity to chat with those that did come up on train or the many "walkers" in the area.


When last train leaves 16.00 you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful countryside. All enjoyed tea together al fresco. A stroll down to the pub (it's hard work going on these weekends)then back around camp fire for a "quiz" Not sure who won. Maybe shouldn't have gone to pub.


Sunday morning brought quite a crowd on first train among them a group of "Morris Dancers" They were very entertaining. Take a look at the pics.


Sunday evening had "road run" to pub just outside of Bainbridge. Well worth a visit if you like to see "something different" Music on the juke box certainly our era and price (10 tunes for £1) Had pool competition while we where there. Again I don't know who won(perhaps not a good reporter to send to a pub)


Monday morning not so sunny but hey it was dry. All had run down to Leyburn on first train. Intention of some was to walk back.(It didn't

happen) Again pub involved on the pretext of it being lunch time.


All in all not a bad turn out .(Tombola sold out). It was nice to see one of our members drive over from Redcar (Sorry to his friend who didn't get up in time. You missed a good day out) Maybe next time.

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