A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017
A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017  

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Red Row 2015


Started our holidays at one of my favourite rallies of the season, Red Row in Northumberland. If you have never been then you’re missing a real treat. The show is in the grounds of Druridge Bay Country Park so on one side of you is the lake and parkland and the other is the beach. Whether you are a regular or first time visitor you can be sure you will be made to feel welcome. The weather was kind to us after a couple of heavy showers on Saturday morning and attendance again seemed to have increased on last year. There is entertainment in the marquee on Saturday evening and this as always was excellent. Sunday saw an increase in the number of cars on display to the extent that those not in early were really struggling for space.


Moving on from Red Row we had booked some time at a camp site in Skipsea. Here we met up with some of our members that had attended Pickering Rally(I’m hoping they will send in write up and maybe pictures). Spent our day’s visiting the local area and got to together on an evening either playing bowls,having a quiz or just a natter. None of it serious though you may think different when you see the pics of “prize winners”!


From Skipsea we all went to Driffield. This year there had been lots of changes made meaning entry to site was not to happen until Thursday. The organisers had hired a security company after the problems they had last year. This seemed to work very well though I would have appreciated pedestrian access to the ground for those of us wishing to go into town. Exhibitors were also in field closest to showground and separate from public camping. I enjoyed the show which was helped by glorious weather but due to last years problems exhibitor numbers were well down. Hopefully  word will spread and things can pick up. It is no easy task organising these big events and I feel we can all help by giving feedback.


Well I hope you are all enjoying the rallies.  They are going over too fast for my liking.

Let’s be hearing from you.





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